Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Local Band Report, 7/12/2011

Here are some cool bands you should look up and enjoy sometime.

Watched this heavy-ass band from Ambler, PA, play at a house party about two or three weeks ago. Most of the acts playing that night were stoner/doom metal bands, and while Hollenlarm falls under that tradition in some ways, they also have a mighty black metal element to them, drawing influences from bands like Darkthrone and Drudkh. And they were the only band playing that night that earned their mosh pit.
Check 'em on Facebook, Stereokiller and/or Bandcamp.
They also have an album available for purchase at Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Saw them open for Earth last month. I'm worried that this intense, gorgeous post-rock/metal outfit from Philly appears to be on the brink of becoming defunct: their various webpages are somewhat inactive, and they had said at the show that they had not played live in a long time. To lose a group that plays circles around Russian Circles to total obscurity would be a shame and a half. If you like great bands like Isis, Pelican, Jesu, Explosions in the Sky, that stuff, man. You gotta band here.
Check 'em at Facebook and/or ReverbNation.

Saw this Montclair, NJ band play with Sun Hotel. Sort of an experimental pop band that draws influences from The Cure and Radiohead and apparently Blind Guardian, which is awesome, who write a lot of songs about the video game Killer7.
Check 'em at ReverbNation and Facebook.